Hey there!
Welcome fellow VEGAboNd(s)!

About Me

My name is Jeniffer and I’m a vegan that LOVES to travel and LOVES to eat! I know that doesn’t sound very unique, but trust. That little vegan thing can make eating while traveling extremely difficult, so it’s worth noting.

I’m known for just hopping in my car and driving for hours to see where I end up or snagging the cheapest last minute flight I can find for a quick get away. I’ve also had the privilege of spending months on end roaming from country to country.

Whatever form my travel takes, it always revolves around finding the best vegan restaurants in town. So much so that when friends ask for pictures from my travels, a solid 90% of them are of the food that I’ve eaten!

About The Site

Whether you’re vegan for ethical reasons, the environment, religious reasons, your health, or some combination of all of the above, YOU deserve to experience and explore the world through food just like everyone else. And you shouldn’t have to spend a bunch of time researching vegan restaurants or wasting money on subpar meals just to make it to the good stuff by the time you’re leaving town.

That’s why I decided to start BLACK VEGAboNd

I want to share what I’ve learned through my travels with you, my fellow VEGAboNd(s). On my site, I share vegan travel tips and tricks, vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants by destination, and highlight where to get vegan versions of unique local cuisines.

Vegan options and people’s perception of the word “vegan” have drastically changed since I went vegan in 2009, thanks to some mainstream products and celebrities speaking out about their vegan lifestyles. Even with that, there are activities, situations, cities, countries, etc. that are difficult to navigate even for experienced vegans.

That’s where BLACK VEGAboNd comes in for you!

Let me be your vegan guide as you gear up for your travels or roam around the world. So come along with me as I hit the road and continue to explore this beautiful globe that we’re living on!