5 Best Vegan Resorts and Hotels in Costa Rica

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5 Best Vegan Resorts and Hotels in Costa Rica

After multiple trips to Costa Rica, I think it’s safe to say I’ve made my way around the country. I’ve stayed in Puerto Viejo, Limon, San Jose, La Fortuna, and Manuel Antonia, just to name a few of Costa Rica’s many hot spots.

Throughout these stays, I’ve personally visited and/or had conversations with the owners of some amazing vegan and vegan-friendly resorts and hotels across the country. Of those, 5 stood out for their own unique reasons.

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Highlights: 5 Best Vegan Resorts and Hotels in Costa Rica

Best for Nature

View of the waterfall at Waterfall Villas, one of the vegan resorts in Costa Rica
Waterfall Villas

Best for Mindfulness

Outside view of the a room at AmaSer, one of the vegan resorts in Costa Rica

Best for Adventure

Lands in Love

Best for Community

Essence Arenal

Map of 5 Best Vegan Resorts in Costa Rica

5 Best Vegan Resorts and Hotels in Costa Rica

If you want more details before you reserve your stay, I explain some of the perks of each of my top 5 below.

1. Mother Earth Vegan

Location: 100 meters west of AYA, Guanacaste Province, Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Come here for: Luxury stay, yoga, beach, on-site fully vegan restaurant

If you’re looking for sun, surf, and a 100% vegan resort to lay your head, Mother Earth Vegan in Tamarindo, Costa Rica is the spot for you! There are lots of nice places to stay in Tamarindo, but Mother Earth Vegan is the city’s first all-vegan resort. It’s located just a 5-minute drive or 20-minute walk from the beach, giving you easy access to the beach and nightlife of Tamarindo and a quiet retreat for relaxation.

The owner, a fellow vegan, decided to use her love for vegan food and hosting people to transform her private residence into a vegan resort in 2020. Mother Earth Vegan now features a yoga studio, saltwater pool, 14 hotel rooms, a conference room, and a fully vegan restaurant!

If you and your people want all of the resort’s goodness to yourselves, you can also book a complete take-over of Mother Earth Vegan for conferences, family reunions, weddings, retreats, etc.

They offer King, Queen, and Double sized bedrooms for you to enjoy your stay. Each room has a furnished patio, custom art, and Raw Botanicals toiletries. Raw Botanicals is an organic vegan line of Costa Rican beauty products that uses locally sourced products!

For those just looking for a bite to eat, their all-vegan restaurant, Off The Grid, is open to the public. Off the Grid turned out to be my favorite vegan restaurant in Tamarindo. If you’re looking for other vegan options in Tamarindo, check out my Vegan Food in Tamarindo post!

Food from Off The Grid, the vegan restaurant at Mother Earth Vegan. Mother Earth Vegan is one of the vegan resorts in Costa Rica

2. Waterfall Villas

Location: 5 km / 3 miles por direcion Perez Zeledon desde Dominical, Provincia de Puntarenas, Baru – Dominical, 99999, Costa Rica
Come here for: Connection with nature, yoga, detoxification, personalized experience & vegan meals

Waterfall Villas is an all-vegan resort located on the south Pacific side of Costa Rica near Dominical Beach. They focus heavily on supporting sustainable travel and healthful healing through their vegan (with lots of raw options) retreats.

Even as a huge TLC fan, I stay out here chasing waterfalls. Waterfall Villas is no exception! Check out Essence Arenal (mentioned below) if you’re looking for the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to. If these TLC references went over your head, don’t worry. All you need to know is that Waterfall Villas has its name for a reason!

Part of the healing and relaxation that Waterfall Villas offers starts with placing guests right in the heart of nature. By that, I mean that you can eat right in front of a waterfall! You can also get a detoxifying massage, or practice yoga outside in the same calming elements.

They also offer comfortable accommodations including the Jade Spa Jacuzzi Suite, which includes a personal jacuzzi, and the Butterfly suite, which features a balcony at the top of a waterfall.

After chatting with the owner, Fateh, it’s very clear that they don’t play about their menu! They receive fresh produce from local organic farmers early in the week and then build the menu for the rest of the week based on what they’ve received. You can expect delicious meals featuring items like house-made falafel, curry, coconut yogurt, and blue cheese… all vegan of course!

Fateh is super kind and personally reached out to me to see if I had any allergies or preferences she should consider for my meals. I thought I was special at first, but she provides this kind of personalized chef service to all guests! Unfortunately, the kitchen is not open to the public, so get to booking your stay if you want in on their specialized vegan menu!

The fun and food with Fateh don’t stop in Costa Rica! If you’re looking for vegan retreats in other countries, Waterfall Villas also offers retreats in Morroco, Bali, India, and Peru! Check out their website for more details.

3. AmaSer

Location: Calle 213, Limón, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, 70403, Costa Rica
Come here for: Yoga, detoxifying, beach, and community

AmaSer is a space focused on encouraging and supporting its visitors to live a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, they offer yoga classes, spa & wellness services, wellness retreats, and healthy meals from their vegan & gluten-free restaurant.

Outside view of the a room at AmaSer, one of the vegan resorts in Costa Rica

AmaSer isn’t a luxury resort, but it’s definitely a place where you can do some deep grounding and personal rebuilding. You can build your own retreat with their packages that include options like individual or shared rooms and daily breakfast only or daily breakfast and lunch.

If you just want in on the restaurant, yoga classes, and/or views, you can still swing by AmaSer to indulge. Their all-vegan & gluten-free restaurant includes options like pancakes, smoothies, bowls, sandwiches, and salads. For my full write-up on the food at AmaSer and other vegan options in Puerto Viejo, check out my Vegan Food in Puerto Viejo post.

The Coco Pancakes at AmaSer, one of the vegan resorts in Costa Rica

AmaSer is located atop a small hill (be ready to carry your bags up that bad boy), providing a beautiful view! You can catch glimpses of the sea, and the gorgeous treetops beneath. AmaSer is just a short 10-minute walk to the beach and nightlife, so you get the best of both worlds.

If the yoga, wellness spa, and vegan restaurant aren’t enough to help you fully drift off into chillax mode, the staff is extremely friendly and laid back. They were kickin’ it in the restaurant and chatting it up with guests while I lounged around. On my way out, I found a postcard of a goddess that looks as relaxed as I felt after spending my morning at AmaSer!

Vegan Resorts and Hotels in Costa Rica – Vegetarian

While these following spots aren’t Costa Rican resorts with vegan restaurants, their menus still have some tasty vegan options!

4. Lands in Love Hotel and Resort

Location: Route 702, road San Ramón to La Fortuna, 32 km from San Ramón Postal Code 42-50 Costa Rica
Come here for: Outdoor adventures

Lands in Love is not only a hotel and resort but also an adventure center and vegetarian restaurant that includes tons of vegan options. That’s right! You can get your thrills and your vegan fills at Lands in Love Hotel and Resort.

The 33 rooms at Lands in Love have basic accommodations like coffee makers and cable TV, but for what they lack in luxury, they make up for in amazing food and adventure. For all of the adrenaline junkies, you can book an excursion through their adventure center to go rafting, ziplining, tubing, and/or wall climbing.

For those looking to hit a spa and relax, you can book a daily tour to the nearby free natural hot springs and paid hot springs spas. I’ve spent a day at Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa with a friend, and we both LOVED the treatments that we received and their outdoor natural hot spring baths!

The Shawarma Bowl at the restaurant at Lands in Love, one of the vegan resorts in Costa Rica

For the foodies, they have an extensive menu that features popular vegan dishes like the Shwarma Bowl. I absolutely LOVED it, and even raved about in my Vegan Food in La Fortuna post. Check out my La Fortuna post to learn more about Loveat, the vegetarian restaurant at Lands in Love, and other vegan options in La Fortuna.

5. Essence Arenal

Location: 1 km al sur de El Castillo, junto a la Granja de Mariposas, El Millon, Alajuela Province, El Castillo, Costa Rica
Come here for: Community, outdoor adventures, yoga, and scenic views

Click here to reserve your stay at Essence Arenal!

Essence Arenal is a hostel near Arenal Volcano that has a vegan-friendly vegetarian restaurant. My favorite thing about Essence Arenal is that there are natural and beautiful views any which way you turn there. They even have an outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the lake! On a clear day, you can see Arenal Volcano as you dine in the restaurant.

The property includes a yoga studio, organic permaculture farm, jungle spa, pool, and jacuzzi for guests to enjoy. If you’re looking for something to keep you busy while you’re there, they offer a few excursions, including a tour of their farm, birdwatching, and wildlife night tour.

Essence Arenal is also a short drive away from the free natural hot springs and paid hot springs spas of La Fortuna. As I mentioned before, my friend and I loved the treatments and outdoor natural hot spring baths at Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out if you have time and want a relaxing spa day.

Their vegetarian restaurant features a “menu del dia” kind of system with a vegan option for every meal. Lots of ingredients come straight from their organic farm to the kitchen each day!

The staff is very knowledgeable about vegan options and also very friendly, so you’re in good hands at Essence Arenal. If you’d like to know more about their restaurant and other vegan options in the area, check out my post about Vegan Food in La Fortuna!

First course of the vegan breakfast at Essence Arenal, one of the vegan-friendly resorts in Costa Rica

Conclusion: Vegan Resorts and Hotels in Costa Rica

If you’re in Costa Rica looking for a resort or hotel that has a restaurant with bomb vegan food on-site, you’ve got options fam! There are options across the country spanning from the southeast side of Puerto Viejo, to the northwest side of Tamarindo, and down to the southwest side of Dominical Beach. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your room to get down and dirty with some outdoor excursions or kick back for some much-deserved rest and relaxation!

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