27 Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta

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27 Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta

Since you’re here looking for the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta, you might be wondering why there are so many spots on my list, right? Well, that’s because there really are a whole heap of vegan restaurants in Atlanta! I originally thought that no other area could even come close to having as many amazing vegan restaurants as Southern California, but then I lived in Atlanta for a few years. And boy was I wrong!

Not only does Atlanta have a lot of amazing vegan restaurants, but a lot of them are also Black-owned! Therefore, I compiled a list of my favorite 100% vegan spots in town, narrowed it down to 25, and categorized them to help you eat your way through what I consider to be the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta: Soul Food

Soul food is my favorite kind of food, so of course, I placed it front and center on this list. For a full review of my favorite vegan soul food restaurants in Atlanta, check out my 5 Best Vegan Soul Food Restaurants in Atlanta post.

1. Bad Gyal Vegan

Location: 4064 Flowers Rd Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30360
Phone number: (888) 223-4925
Website: Bad Gyal Vegan
Neighborhood: Doraville
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is ~$24 USD)

The Voxtail Dinner from Bad Gyal Vegan restaurant in Atlanta
The Voxtail dinner with Voxtails, rice & peas, steamed cabbage, and their AMAZING Mac and Jeeze!

Bad Gyal Vegan is not only Atlanta’s sole Black-owned, vegan, Jamaican / American fusion restaurant, but it’s also my absolute favorite place for vegan mac and cheese in the WORLD!

Their signature dish is the Voxtail dinner, which includes their popular and patented Voxtails (vegan oxtails), rice and peas, and two sides of your choosing. I always choose their baked mac and cheese because it’s THAT good!

They also serve wings, shrimp, burgers, and sandwiches, but I’m telling you, the Voxtails are where it’s at! Everything at Bad Gyal Vegan is fire though, so you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu.

2. Soul Vegetarian

Original Soul Vegetarian: 879 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone number: (404) 752-5194
Neighborhood: West End

Soul Vegetarian #2: 652 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306
Phone number: (404) 875-0145
Neighborhood: Poncey-Highland
Website: Soul Vegetarian
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is ~$18 USD)

Soul Food dinner plate from Soul Vegetarian, one of the Black-owned vegan restaurants in Atlanta
The Barbecue Kalebone, Mac and Cheese, and Collard Greens at Soul Vegetarian

If you’re looking for a place where you’ll feel right at home AND get a nice hot plate of soul food, check out Soul Vegetarian in West End Atlanta. They have lots of great options on their menu, but I highly recommend the Barbecue Kalebone, Mac and Cheese, and Collard Greens.

You don’t have to just take my word for it. The staff at Soul Vegetarian wants you to be satisfied with your order, so they offer samples of the hot bar items.

If you’ve ventured around Chicago and Soul Vegetarian sounds mighty familiar to you, it’s because the sister Soul Vegetarian is located in Chicago. Check out my 13 Best Vegan Restaurants in Chicago if you’ll be out in Chicago looking for the best vegan food in the windy city!

3. Go Vegan Grill

Location: 2179 Lawrenceville Hwy Suite D, Decatur, GA 30033
Phone number: (404) 254-0728
Website: Go Vegan Grill
Neighborhood: Decatur
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is $21 USD)

The Rib Platter from Go Vegan Grill restaurant in Atlanta
The Rib Platter with vegan mac and cheese, black-eyed peas, steamed cabbage, baked beans, and cornbread

Go Vegan Grill is another Black-owned vegan soul food spot in Atlanta that also has a whole hot bar full of delicious options. They have some great soul food classics like steamed cabbage, smothered chicken, cornbread, greens, fried fish, mac and cheese, and black-eyed peas.

My favorite order there is their Fried Chicken (I recommend substituting for the chicken that they used in the chicken strips), black-eyed peas, and cabbage. If only they had scalloped potatoes, it would be a wrap!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta: Food Trucks

There’s definitely no shortage of food trucks in the city, especially with Atlanta Food Truck Park. It’s dedicated to showcasing mainly vegan restaurants and food trucks (there are pescatarian and vegetarian options too) in its location right off of the 75 and Howell Mill. I’ve listed out my 3 favorite vegan food trucks to visit in Atlanta, so happy food trucking!

4. Wonderful Tasting Food (WTF)

Location: Check their Instagram for their truck location
Phone number: (678) 653-0669
Website: Wonderful Tasting Food (WTF)
Neighborhood: Check their Instagram for their truck location
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is $19 USD)

The vegan Chilli Cheez Dawg from Wonderful Tasting Food (WTF), a vegan food truck restaurant in Atlanta
The Chili Cheez Dawg at WTF is a Field Roast hot dog topped with a smokey sweet chili and cheese!
The Unchickn Sliders from Wonderful Tasting Food (WTF), a vegan food truck restaurant in Atlanta
The Unchikn Sliders at WTF feature soy-free patties, Cajun mayo, and organic lettuce and tomato on toasted slider buns

Now I know that the spot is called Wonderful Tasting Food (WTF), but I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be this bomb! WTF is so good that it’s turned out to be my favorite vegan food truck in Atlanta!

The first time I went there, I called myself ordering two meals so I could have one there and one to go. Somehow both meals disappeared right before my eyes within minutes though. I know. It was wild!

The Chili Cheez Dawg was mind-blowing! The chili on it was sweet, but I surprisingly wasn’t mad at it! I actually really liked it and felt that it paired really well with the saltiness of the Fieldroast hot dog.

The Unchikn Sliders were also super bomb! The combination of the perfectly seasoned and crunchy soy-free patty, flavorful organic Cajun mayo, and organic lettuce and tomato made for some flavorful sliders that I highly recommend!

To top things off, WTF only uses organic vegetables and condiments, and all menu items are free of soy, tofu, and high fructose corn syrup. It’s clear that WTF puts a lot of TLC into their food and you can definitely taste it!

5. GAS Food Truck

Location: Check their Instagram for their truck location
Phone number: (404) 409-2373
Website: GAS Food Truck
Neighborhood: Check their Instagram for their truck location
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is $16 USD)

The vegan Patty Melt at GAS in Atlanta
The Patty Melt includes a grilled Beyond patty, vegan provolone, vegan cheddar, grilled onions, and GAS sauce on toasted sourdough and is served with a side of sidewinder fries

The GAS in GAS Food Truck stands for Good Azz Sandwiches, which is absolutely true! They should be called Good Azz Fries instead, because their sidewinder fries are the truth!

I’d honestly go to GAS just to order a bunch of their fries because they have the perfect amount of crunch surrounding the perfect ratio of soft interior. You just have to go try them for yourself!

They use Beyond Burgers and Beyond Sausages, so some of their items are honestly things you could make at home. But on those days that you don’t feel like cooking and you just want some bomb fries and a sandwich or burger, GAS is the spot for you!

6. Calaveritas

Location: 1850 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone number: (470) 290-3636
Website: Calaveritas Taqueria
Neighborhood: Upper Westside
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is $18 USD)

The vegan Asada Taco at Calaveritas in Atlanta
The Asada Street Taco consists of an oat, rice, and mushroom blend for the asada, topped with onions and cilantro

Calaveritas Taqueria is a Mexican Taqueria food truck dedicated to making authentic Mexican food without animal cruelty. They serve delectable items like birria quesatacos, street tacos, quesadillas, loaded potatoes, and tortas.

Often, vegan restaurants rest on premade mock meats, so I appreciate the creativity of Calaveritas’ proteins. Their asada is a blend of oats, rice, and mushrooms. The texture is very different from other vegan carne asada remakes that I’ve had, but I still appreciated it!

Their carnitas is marinated oyster mushrooms, which gives that shredded pork texture. They could have just used the oyster mushrooms for the birria too, but instead, they use marinated pulled jackfruit to add another element of variety to their menu. The birria was my favorite protein, and I recommend the birria jackfruit quesadilla!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta: Barbecue (BBQ)

While there are places to grab a vegan barbecue dish or two in Atlanta, there currently is only one fully vegan barbecue restaurant in the area. So if you’re craving a fully vegan barbecue menu, check out Grass VBQ Joint below.

7. Grass VBQ Joint

Location: 5385 Five Forks Trickum Rd SW Suite B-1, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Phone number: (470) 395-0934
Website: Grass VBQ Joint
Neighborhood: Stone Mountain
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is $22 USD)

The Nashville Hot sandwich at Grass VBQ Joint, one of Atlanta's Black-owned vegan restaurants
The Nashville Hot Chick’n sandwich features a crispy chicken patty, Nashville hot sauce, dijon aioli, lettuce, tomato, and pickles with a side of fries
The Titustown sandwich at Grass VBQ Joint, one of Atlanta's Black-owned vegan restaurants
The Titustown sandwich includes Veef Brisket, Celery Slaw, Vadalia VBQ Sauce, and pickles. I’d recommend swapping the sauce for the Jerk VBQ

Right now, Grass VBQ Joint holds the title of Atlanta’s only vegan barbecue spot! Their menu features smoked vegan meats like their Smoked Wiingz, Veef Brisket, Smoked Chopped Chick’n, Organic Smoked Jackfruit, and house-made Smoked Sausage.

I personally liked one of their non-BBQ items the most, the Nashville Hot Chick’n sandwich. It consists of a crispy chick’n patty Nashville hot sauce, dijon aioli, lettuce, tomato, and pickles on a brioche bun.

My favorite of their VBQ sauces is the Jerk VBQ. I wasn’t the biggest fan of their Valdalia and Alabama White VBQ sauces on the two other sandwiches that I’ve tried there. I would definitely request the Jerk VBQ sauce on any BBQ I get there next time.

I also wasn’t a fan of the coconut curried greens. I went into them expecting collard greens like how my family makes them, but got my feelings hurt when I took a bite. Like their VBQ sauces, they have a little too much vinegar in them for my liking

At the end of the day though, if you’re looking for an all-vegan BBQ spot in Atlanta, Grass VBQ is it!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta: Asian

It was too difficult to narrow down my favorite vegan Asian restaurants in Atlanta to just 3 spots, so I went ahead and included 4. These spots feature a range of options from East, South, and West Asia with dishes like Ma Po Tofu, Samosa Chaat, and Ramen.

8. Harmony Vegetarian

Location: 4897 Buford Hwy Ste 109, Chamblee, Georgia 30345
Phone number: (770) 457-7288
Website: Harmony Vegetarian
Neighborhood: Chamblee
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is ~$13 USD)

The Orange Chicken at Harmony Vegetarian, one of the vegan Asian restaurants in Atlanta
The Orange Chicken comes with broccoli and a side of rice

Whenever I’m looking for good ol’ American-style Chinese take-out, I go to Harmony Vegetarian. I’ve tried a few different dishes, but their Orange Chicken is my favorite item on their menu. They serve large portions, so Harmony Vegetarian is the perfect place to dine if you want leftovers for later too!

If you prefer bigger pieces of “meat”, opt for the Orange Beef instead of the Orange Chicken. Truth be told, the seitan part of the dishes is the same, so it really just comes down to your preference of size and crispiness. Either way you go though, the sauce is AMAZING and I think you’ll like the food!

9. Mamak Vegan Kitchen

Location: 2390 Chamblee Tucker Rd Chamblee, GA 30341
Phone number: (678) 909-8188
Website: Mamak Vegan Kitchen
Neighborhood: Chamblee
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is $16 USD)

The Pineapple Fried Rice at Mamak, one of the Asian vegan restaurants in Atlanta
The Pineapple Fried Rice at Mamak features curry fried rice cooked with carrots, mushrooms, pineapple, peas, and tofu. If they just added some cashews and raisins to it, it would be the perfect pineapple fried rice!

Since Harmony Vegetarian (a spot that I’ve been going to for years), is located down the street, I never ventured out to try Mamak Vegan Kitchen. I sure am glad that I did though!

They have Butterfly Pea Leaf Tea, which changes from blue to purple when you add lemon to it! Maybe it’s just the child in me, but I really appreciated the unexpected natural magic trick!

As a creature of habbit, I got their pineapple fried rice, which was good, but not as good as their Curry Pie. Their Curry Pie is small curry potato patties that are bursting with flavor! Highly recommend!

10. Dash & Chutney

Location: 1235 Chattahoochee Ave NW Atlanta, GA 30318 @ Chattahoochee Food Works
Phone number: (470) 579-8703
Website: Dash & Chutney
Neighborhood: West Midtown
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is $15 USD)

The Samosa Chaat from Dash and Chutney, one of the vegan restaurants and only vegan Indian restaurants in Atlanta
The Samosa Chaat starts with house-made samosas stuffed with potatoes, peas, and cumin that are topped with chana masala, mango powder, and pomegranate seeds
The Pav Bhaji from Dash and Chutney, one of the vegan restaurants and only vegan Indian restaurants in Atlanta
Their Pav Bhaji is cauliflower, potatoes, peas, carrots, tomatoes, and onions stewed together in spices and served with locally made toasted rolls

There are plenty of spots in greater Atlanta that serve Indian street food, but what about spots that serve ALL-vegan Indian street food? Well, there weren’t any, so Chef Palak Patel of Dash & Chutney swooped in to give the people what we’ve been missin’ in Atlanta!

Their menu features vegan versions of popular New Delhi and Mumbai street foods like their Mumbai Grilled Sandwich, Pav Bhaji, and Kachori Chaat.

My standard, basic order at Indian restaurants is samosas and chana masala. When I saw that their Samosa Chaat combines the two, I knew it was a wrap! The Samosa Chaat consists of samosas covered in chana masala, spices, chutneys (tamarind, green, and yogurt), sev, and pomegranate seeds.

I couldn’t control myself, so I had to sample it in the car. It was so good that I devoured half of the meal before completing my 3-minute drive home.

On top of making delicious food that’s even been featured on Food Network’s Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay (she actually beat him!), Chef Palak Patel is also a sweetheart. I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Palak Patel at the restaurant and talking to her about her inspiration behind Dash & Chutney. When she saw me taking pictures of my food, she even used her phone light to help me snag a few pictures!

11. Herban Fix

Location: 565 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone number: (404) 815-8787
Website: Herban Fix
Neighborhood: Midtown
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is $26 USD)

The Soy Beef Noodle Soup at Herban Fix, one of the vegan Asian restaurants in Atlanta
The Soy Beef Noodle Soup while features wok chow, carrots, scallions, noodles, and vegan beef chunks in a vegan beef soup base
The Steamed Buns at Herban Fix, one of the vegan Asian restaurants in Atlanta
The Steamed Buns at Herban Fix are stuffed with crispy soy duck, cucumber, scallions, cilantro, and vegan duck sauce

Herban Fix is one of the only vegan restaurants in Atlanta that I would consider to be upscale. Their dining room is beautiful and the service you receive there is truly that of a date night kind of restaurant.

They were known for their Sunday Brunch, but it currently is not available. It featured an all-you-can-eat buffet of small portions of their appetizers like soups, spring rolls, sushi, scallion pancakes, and buns. I highly recommend checking it out once it opens back up!

They have some tasty options outside of their Sunday Brunch though, including their Seared Pom Pom Mushroom Steak. No, it doesn’t taste like actual steak, or at least it doesn’t taste like what I remember steak tasting like. I only had extra well-done steaks as a kid though because my family doesn’t play with undercooked meat. All that to say, don’t take my word for it and try it out for yourself!

The Seared Pom Pom Mushroom Steak is one of those vegan items that you should just eat as it is, rather than expecting it to taste like what it’s named after. It’s been years since I last had it, but I remember being pleasantly surprised by it!

It’s one of the most popular items on the menu, so give it a shot and let your mushroom steak be its mushroom self!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta: Sushi

While there are other places in the Atlanta area to grab vegan sushi, there is only one place that has a full vegan sushi menu that I actually go out of my way for!

12. VeGreen

Location: 3780 Old Norcross Rd, Suite 106 Duluth GA 30096
Phone number: (770) 495-8828
Website: VeGreen Vegetarian Restaurant
Neighborhood: Duluth
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is ~$20 USD)

Sushi rolls from VeGreen Vegetarian Restaurant, one of the Asian vegan restaurants and the best place to get vegan sushi in Atlanta
The Spider Roll and Green River Roll at VeGreen Vegetarian Restaurant

If you’re looking for vegan sushi in Atlanta, go ahead and make the trek out to Duluth to hit up VeGreen Vegetarian Restaurant! Believe me, it’s worth the trip.

While you’re out there, you might as well make a whole day out of it and hit up Jeju Sauna, my favorite day spa in Atlanta, and grab Slutty Vegan from their Gwinett location on your way out!

VeGreen’s sushi menu includes rolls like their Rainbow Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, and Spider Roll, just to name a few. Their Asian fusion kitchen has more to offer than just sushi with items like Mapo Tofu, Kung-Poa Chicken, Salted Fish Chicken & Tofu Clay Pot, and Chicken Pad Thai on their menu.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta: Baked Goods

Atlanta has lots of tasty vegan desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. These 3 vegan bakeries are my favorite places to grab vegan sweets around town. If you’re looking for more options, check out my Vegan Bakeries in Atlanta post for more vegan treats!

13. VTaste Cakes

Location: 1927 Lakeside Pkwy, Tucker, GA 30084
Phone number: (678) 964-5402
Website: VTasteCakes
Neighborhood: Tucker
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive single dessert serving is $7 USD)

The Brown Sugar Spice cookie at VTasteCakes, one of the Black-owned vegan bakeries in Atlanta
The Brown Sugar Spice Cookie at VTaste Cakes

VTasteCakes is a Black-owned, woman-owned vegan bakery in Atlanta that bakes up some of my favorite treats in the area. Their menu is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with sweets like cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and cookies.

Their desserts are the kind that you can just smell and know that they’ll be bomb. Like their Brown Sugar Spice Cookie…

It smelled so good that I had to take a bite in the parking lot. It was still warm with a crisp outside and a perfectly soft inside! When you order from VTaste Cakes, make sure to toss one of those in your online ordering cart!

14. Hebrew Bakes

Location: 879 A Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone number: (404) 975-3332
Website: Hebrew Bakes
Neighborhood: West End
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive single dessert serving is $8 USD)

Cupcakes from Hebrew Bakes, one of the Black-owned bakeries in Atlanta
The Strawberry Shortcake and Birthday Cake cupcakes at Hebrew Bakes!

Hebrew Bakes is a Black-owned vegan bakery offering a range of options from mini sweet potato pies to a wide array of cake slice and cupcake flavors and even cinnamon rolls. If you’re looking for specialty cakes, you can order in advance on their website.

Hebrew Bakes is located next door to Soul Vegetarian, so you might as well swing by after you grab some soul food at Soul Vegetarian! If you do, I recommend the Strawberry Shortcake cupcake. It’s simple, delicious, and gets the job done!

15. Cinnaholic

Edgewood: 1230 Caroline St. Atlanta, GA 30307
Phone number: (404) 343-0805

Dunwoody: 5590 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd Suite 1 Dunwoody, GA 30338
Phone number: (470) 299-8952

Peachtree Corners: 5131 Peachtree Pkwy Suite 1010 Peachtree Corners, GA 30092
Phone number: (678) 580-1649
Website: Cinnaholic
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive single dessert serving is ~$8 USD)

Cinnamon roll from Cinnaholic, my favorite place for vegan cinnamon rolls in Atlanta
The Cookie Monster cinnamon roll is topped with cream cheese frosting, cookie dough, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce

If you’re craving a vegan cinnamon roll in Atlanta, you have to hit up Cinnaholic! Don’t take the name lightly though. Their cinnamon rolls are addictive!

While they specialize in cinnamon rolls, they also have cookies, brownies, and cookie dough. Feel free to go buck wild and order a little of everything since this spot, like the rest on the list, is all-vegan.

Even if you’re not in Atlanta, you might be able to throw down on a Cinnaholic cinnamon roll. They franchise across the US, so check out their website to see if there is an out-of-state location near you!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta: Burgers

Ever since Beyond and Impossible hit the scene, the burger game hasn’t been the same! Atlanta is no exception. Atlanta is home to some of my favorite vegan burgers, with the legendary Slutty Vegan sitting at the top of that list of vegan burger restaurants in the city.

16. Slutty Vegan

Westview (Original): 1542 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW Atlanta, GA 30310
Edgewood: 476 Edgewood Ave SE Atlanta, GA 30312
Jonesboro: 164 N McDonough St Jonesboro, GA 30236
Gwinett: 2045 Pleasant Hill Rd Duluth, GA 30096

Phone number: (855) 439-7588
Website: Slutty Vegan
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is $19 USD)

The One Night Stand from Slutty Vegan, one of Atlanta's Black-owned vegan restaurants
The One Night Stand at Slutty Vegan includes an Impossible patty, vegan bacon, cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and their Slut Sauce on a vegan Hawaiian bun

If you haven’t heard of Slutty Vegan yet, I’d like to welcome you to one of the best vegan experiences in Atlanta! Slutty Vegan is a Black-owned, woman-owned burger joint that is quickly growing and expanding its reach all over greater Atlanta.

People don’t just go to Slutty Vegan for the food, they go for the vibe and the experience. When you visit, you’ll see that the staff is super active, vibes with the music, interacts with the customers, and just has a good ol’ time while they do what they do best: make the best vegan burgers in Atlanta! On weekend nights, they even have a live DJ at their Edgewood location!

I HIGHLY recommend the Dancehall Queen and the good ol’ classic One Night Stand. The One Night Stand doesn’t look like much in the picture, but that thang is MAGICAL! The sauce is everything and really sets Slutty Vegan burgers apart from other vegan burgers that I’ve had.

17. Faux Real Burger

Location: 3985 Jonesboro Rd, Union City, GA 30291
Phone number: (470) 898-7409
Website: Faux Real Burger
Neighborhood: Union City (south of the airport)
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is $27 USD)

A vegan cheeseburger from Faux Real Burger, one of the Black-owned vegan burger restaurants in Atlanta
The Beyond Cheese which is a Beyond patty topped with cheese, their house-made sauce, lettuce, onions, pickles, and tomato
A vegan chicken sandwich from Faux Real Burger, one of the Black-owned vegan burger restaurants in Atlanta
The Fried Chicken Sandwich comes with lettuce, tomato, and mayo
Vegan lemon pepper hot wings from Faux Real Burger, one of the Black-owned vegan burger restaurants in Atlanta
You have to try those vegan lemon peppa hot wangz! Best in Atlanta!

Faux Real Burger is also a Black-owned, woman-owned vegan burger spot in Atlanta. Their menu features burgers, chicken sandwiches, tacos, milkshakes, and vegan wings!

I lived around the corner from their old location, so I used to eat there a few times a week. I fell in love with their chicken sandwiches and vegan wings, because I’m a chicken kind of gal. Therefore, I almost exclusively ordered their wings and chicken sandwiches because I didn’t want to mess up a good thing.

One day, however, I tried one of their burgers and it was something special! Lots of restaurants use Beyond Burgers, but only the exceptional ones take those patties and create a masterpiece of a burger out of them! Faux Real Burger is one of those exceptional vegan burger spots!

If you’re like me and prefer to put as little effort as possible into getting your food, Faux Real Burger makes it even easier to live in your lazy ways! They offer delivery, or you can order on-site without having to get out of your car.

That’s right. They are the first vegan drive-thru in the Atlanta area! It’s a bit of a trek to get there since it’s south of the airport, but their food is worth it!

If you haven’t already, you definitely need to try lemon pepper hot wings while you’re in Atlanta. What better place to scratch that item off of your Atlanta bucket list than Faux Real Burger?

Since you’ve never had them, you may be wondering, “Do lemon pepper and hot wing sauce really go together like that?!” As the legendary Atlanta group 112 told us, “Don’t ask no questions. You already know!” So just order them and thank me later!

18. Good As Burgers

Location: 800 Forrest Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia, 30318
Phone number: (678) 647-6997
Website: Good As Burgers (GAB’s)
Neighborhood: West Midtown
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is ~$19 USD)

Vegan sloppy joes at GABs, one of the vegan burger restaurants in Atlanta
The Sloppy Joe Sliders with the VooDoo chips from Good As Burgers

Good As Burgers (GAB’s) is a vegan burger joint run out of a shared kitchen in West Midtown Atlanta. Their menu features items like burgers, Sloppy Joe sliders, chicken tenders, fries, sweet potato tots, and desserts.

I don’t go to Good As Burgers for the burgers though. I go for the Sloppy Joe Sliders since there are very few places that have sloppy joes on the menu!

Sloppy joes and potato chips were one of my favorite quick meal options as a kid. So as you can imagine, I couldn’t control myself when I saw that they have Sloppy Joe Sliders AND VooDoo chips (my favorite chips in the US) on their menu!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta: Breakfast and Brunch

I always used to tell people that vegans don’t go out for breakfast or brunch, but my oh my, how times have changed! Not only does Atlanta have a 100% vegan spot solely dedicated to breakfast, but it also has multiple vegan spots for you to grab brunch at a 100% vegan spot! Below, I’ve listed out my 3 favorite places to grab a completely vegan breakfast and/or brunch in Atlanta!

19. Gregory’s Atlanta Vegan Breakfast

Location: 114 Bulloch Ave, Roswell, GA 30075
Phone number: (404) 500-7271
Website: Gregory’s Atlanta Vegan Breakfast
Neighborhood: Roswell
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is $24 USD)

The Banana's Foster French Toast from Gregory's Atlanta Vegan Breakfast, one of the Black-owned vegan restaurants in Atlanta
The Banana’s Foster French Toast Platter includes French Toast, Banana’s Foster sauce, Field Roast Sausage or vegan bacon, and scrambled cheesy Just Egg (vegan egg)

If you’re looking for a good breakfast plate from an all-vegan restaurant in the Atlanta area, Gregory’s Atlanta Vegan Breakfast is the place for you! Gregory’s is another Black-owned, woman-owned vegan establishment in the Atlanta area that you don’t want to miss! They’re located a little outside of the city, so be ready to make the trek. It’s well worth it in my opinion though!

Their menu features items like their Biscuits & Gravy Platter, Banana’s Foster French Toast Platter, Shrimp & Grits, Acai Smoothie Bowl, Rose’s Grit Breakfast Bowl, and a few breakfast biscuit sandwiches.

Although I’m not the biggest breakfast fan, french toast is still a weakness for me. Therefore, I recommend trying out their Banana’s Foster French Toast Platter! I’ll admit that I had no clue what a Banana’s Foster was when I first ordered it, but Gregory’s Atlanta Vegan Breakfast sure made a fan out of me!

20. Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe

Location: 1994 Hosea L Williams Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30317
Phone number: (404) 624-7417
Website: Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe
Neighborhood: Kirkwood
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is ~$13 USD)

A scone from Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe
The Maple Pecan Scone at Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe

Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe is exactly what the name says it is: a vegan bakery and cafe. They have a breakfast menu that includes a few items like their biscuit sandwiches, bagel sandwiches, cheese grits, and breakfast pastries.

I personally find their biscuits and vegan sausage to be pretty dry, so I just stay in my breakfast pastry lane at Dulce, and everything is A-okay! Therefore, I recommend getting their scones or cinnamon rolls. Whether or not you agree that those are breakfast pastries is up to you, but I happily go to Dulce and order them for breakfast!

If you want to know more about their pastries or vegan desserts from bakeries around Atlanta, check out my Vegan Bakeries in Atlanta post for more info.

21. Cafe Sunflower

Location: 2140 Peachtree Road Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Phone number: (404) 352-8859
Website: Cafe Sunflower
Neighborhood: Buckhead
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is $22 USD)

Vegan Wings from Cafe Sunflower
The Buffalo Lollipops (vegan hot wings) with house-made vegan blue cheese

Cafe Sunflower is one of the nicer sit-down restaurants in Atlanta. It’s not quite upscale, but also not quite fast-casual. Whenever possible, I used to have business meetings at Cafe Sunflower so I could throw down on some bomb vegan food on the company’s dime.

I love me some vegan wings, so even though they don’t have lemon pepper hot, I order their Buffalo Lollipops (wings) from time to time. Their Saturday Brunch menu also includes items like Blueberry Pancakes, Chicken and Waffles, and a Loaded Breakfast Burrito.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta: Ice Cream

I was the kind of kid that chased down the ice cream truck not to buy ice cream, but to buy the chili-covered watermelon suckers and Pelon Pelo Rico candy. When I went vegan 13 years ago though, it became much more difficult to find good ice cream and I started to appreciate ice cream a lot more.

Therefore, I’ve roamed around Atlanta trying vegan ice cream wherever I could find it (usually at non-vegan spots like Jeni’s and Ben & Jerry’s). However, I’ve only stumbled upon one 100% vegan ice cream shop in Atlanta, so I’ve learned to really appreciate it!

22. Eighty7 Sweets

Location: 56 Broad St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone number: (404) 939-2745
Website: Eighty7 Sweets
Neighborhood: Downtown
Price range: $$$$$ (Single scoop for $5 USD)

Vegan ice cream from Eighty7 Sweets, Atlanta's only vegan ice cream shop, and it's Black-owned!
The West End Wakanda and Caramel Cobb in a cookie bowl at Eighty7 Sweets!

Eighty7 Sweets was the only all-vegan ice cream spot that I stumbled upon in Atlanta, and thankfully, the ice cream is amazing!

If I didn’t know through ordering from and chatting it up with the owner himself, I would have figured out that this place is Black-owned simply by reading the menu. With flavors like Morehouse Chocolate, Spelman Strawberry & Mango, and West End Wakanda, one could make a strong assumption!

To make things even sweeter, the owner is ridiculously kind and gave me a free extra scoop when the flavor that I wanted wasn’t ready for scooping! If you aren’t sure what to get, they offer samples to help seal the deal. I recommend the West End Wakanda forever though!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta: Healthy

23. Tassili’s Raw Reality

Location: 1059 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone number: (404) 343-6126
Website: Tassili’s Raw Reality
Neighborhood: West End
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is ~$40 USD)

The Punany wrap from Tassili's, one of the Black-owned vegan restaurants and my favorite restaurant in Atlanta
The Moringa Popcorn and Spicy Punany Wrap, my favorite vegan meal in Atlanta!
Outside view of Tassili's, one of the Black-owned vegan restaurants and my favorite restaurant in Atlanta
Outside view of Tassili’s Raw Reality

Tassili’s Raw Reality is hands down my FAVORITE vegan restaurant in Atlanta! It feels wild to even type that out because, before Tassili’s, I had sworn that raw vegan restaurants were not for me.

The day that I decided to try Tassili’s honestly changed my life. I now give raw vegan restaurants a chance and I’ve been proudly ordering my full, spicy Punany Wrap with pride at Tasilli’s for the past 5 years!

Now, this Punany Wrap isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s about 8 inches long and stuffed with avocado, massaged kale, sweet coconut corn, soy mayo, tomato, couscous, and vegan bacon bits. If you don’t try anything else in Atlanta, PLEASE try this!

I couldn’t tell you what anything else on the menu is like, besides the popcorn, because I fell in love with the Punany Wrap and never strayed away. The popcorn, however, is also bomb. There’s just something about the nutritional yeast that makes the flavor pop in both the Punany Wrap and popcorn!

On top of having bomb food, Tassili’s also just has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes you want to stay and chill even after you’ve finished your food. Tassili’s is an all-around amazing experience that every vegan should have when visiting Atlanta!

24. Life Bistro

Location: 2036 Sylvan Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone number: (404) 464-5139
Website: Life Bistro
Neighborhood: Sylvan Hills
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is ~$25 USD)

The Oyster Mushroom Po' Boy at Life Bistro, one of the Black-owned vegan restaurants in Atlanta
The Oyster Mushroom Po’Boy served with the Zucchini Fries at Life Bistro

You might be wondering why I have this fried food pictured under the “Healthy” category on my list. That is because the menu at Life Bistro says that it features alkaline options. They have even deemed themselves to be Atlanta’s only fine dining alkaline vegan experience!

I’m no alkaline expert, but I’m pretty sure that Dr. Sebi would have knocked the fork right out of my mouth if he could have seen what I’ve ordered at Life Bistro. However, to my alkaline fam, go ahead and look over the menu to see if there is something that catches your eye!

If you’re looking for more than just food at Life Bistro, they also host live music nights on occasion, so check out their website or Instagram if you’re interested!

25. Arden’s Garden

Location: 969 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 (They have a grip of locations, so check their website for their other locations in Atlanta)
Phone number: (404) 883-2629
Website: Arden’s Garden
Neighborhood: West Midtown (Check their website for their other locations in Atlanta)
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive smoothie is $7 USD)

The grab n' go fridge at one of Arden's Garden's many vegan restaurants around Atlanta
The grab n’ go fridge at Arden’s Garden is stocked with vegan snacks, juices, and smoothies

Arden’s Garden is a vegan chain located throughout Georgia that specializes in juices, smoothies, and grab n’ go snacks. There are about a dozen spread throughout greater Atlanta, so it’s one of my go-to spots if I just want to grab something quick. You can grab one of their pre-made juices or smoothies or have one made fresh right in front of you.

I’m from California, so I’m used to juice bars charging an arm and a leg for their most basic drinks. I’m talking $10 and up. However, I can get the most expensive drink on the menu at Arden’s Garden and still make out better than I would back in Cali!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta: Pizza

While there are places in Atlanta to get vegan pizza, like Bakari’s, Mellow Mushroom, and Ammazza, Plant Based Pizzeria is the only all-vegan pizza company in Atlanta. Thankfully, they have two locations to better serve greater Atlanta the vegan pizza that we all deserve!

26. Plant Based Pizzeria

Midtown: 730 Barnett St NE, Atlanta, GA 30306
Phone number: (404) 835-2739

Near Roswell: 8540 Roswell Rd Atlanta, GA 30350
Phone number: (470) 365-2994
Website: Plant Based Pizzeria
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive pizza is $24 USD)

The Hawaiian Pizza from Plant Based Pizzeria, one of the Black-owned vegan restaurants and only vegan pizza restaurant in Atlanta
The Hawaiian Pizza includes roasted basil pizza sauce, vegan mozzarella, onion, pineapple, and mild Beyond sausage all topped with BBQ drizzle

Plant Based Pizzeria is the only vegan pizza spot that I managed to find in town. Thankfully, not only is the pizza good, but it’s also Black-owned!

You can choose from a dozen of their signature pizza options, or build your own pizza. They also serve calzones, flatbreads, burgers, and desserts if pizza doesn’t tickle your fancy!

The staff at the Midtown location are very down-to-earth and friendly. The last time I ordered from Plant Based Pizzeria, I spent most of my waiting time talking to the cashier about our bracelets and the best Black-owned shops around town to buy more!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta: Bars

If you want a true vegan Bar experience in Atlanta, there are actually a couple in town. However, there is only one that I recommend for the all-around experience, and that spot is Bar Vegan!

27. Bar Vegan

Location: 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Suite N-215, Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone number: (404) 600-6122
Website: Bar Vegan
Neighborhood: Old Fourth Ward
Price range: $$$$$ (most expensive entree is $20 USD, most expensive cocktail is $18 USD)

The Philly at Bar Vegan, one of the Black-owned vegan restaurants Atlanta
The Impossible Cheesesteak is stuffed with Impossible meat, onions, peppers, and cheese and served with a side of tots
A cocktail at Bar Vegan, one of the Black-owned vegan restaurants Atlanta
A special order spiked strawberry lemonade at Bar Vegan

Bar Vegan is another Black-owned, woman-owned masterpiece of a vegan restaurant in Atlanta. It was created by Pinky Cole, the founder of Slutty Vegan, so you already know that it comes with an elevated level of energy!

At Bar Vegan, you can grab brunch, lunch, or dinner with menu items like sandwiches, tacos, quesadillas, wings, pizza, french toast, chicken & waffles, and shrimp & grits.

You can also order a mocktail or a drank drank to wash your food down. They have options ranging from a simple $7 beer all the way up to $800 Don Julio 1942 bottle service.

I told you that Pinky and her crew bring an elevated level of energy in their restaurants, so of course, they have a live DJ on site for weekend brunch and weekend late nights. Not that I’d ever buy an $800 bottle, but I can definitely see how someone else might after seeing the vibe during weekend brunch.

I mentioned vegan brunch spots earlier, but this is the only true turnt up vegan brunch spot in the city. So if you’re looking for that Atlanta brunch experience that you can get at a spot like BQE, Bar Vegan is the closest that you’ll get, except you’ll be able to actually eat!

Conclusion: 27 Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta

That was A LOT of food, wasn’t it?! Told you that Atlanta is where it’s at for bomb vegan restaurants! So whether you’re looking for some collard greens or cocktails, now you know of the best restaurants in Atlanta to throw down. Now get on out there and enjoy the city AND the food!

Map of 27 Best Vegan Restuarants in Atlanta